«Variant» Factory Ltd» is a part of a production corporation consisting offive enterprises involved in metal working (blanking, rolling, cutting etc.) and in manufacturing or metal working machinery.

The enterprise makes every effort to produce goodsand to renderservices ofthe qualityconsistent with the customers expectations, The customers service level is increased due to the permanent investment process oriented to the production plant modernization, diversification, manufactured products quality control, and our specialists skills improvement.

The result of these efforts is trust of hundreds of customers among which there are many wellrknown organizations. which involved in satellite television both on the territory okara‘ine and abroad.

«Variant» Factory Ltd» was founded in 1999 and currently is a leading company in elaboration and production offset satellite antennas and brackets for them in Ukraine.

The quality ofthe products is guaranteed by high professional skills of the manufacturer, use of high quality materials as well as state-of-art production technologies.