Satellite antennas

Satellite television is primarily divided into analog and digital varietiesHowever, analog TV can be already referred to historyIt provides an unsatisfactory quality of signal, the number of channels grows ever smaller, the needed accessories are no longer produced; that is why presently it makes no sense to install a set of equipment for the reception of analog satellite TV. A totally different case is the digital format of broadcasting, which offers several thousand channels on diversified subjects in all the languages of the world along with the excellent quality of image and sound.

Radioethernet antenna

Nowadays efficient work on the Internet is no longer conceivable without high-speed communication channelsFor many users, however, and especially for those connecting to the Internet via ordinary telephone lines such channels still remain a dream. Nevertheless, a relatively simple and rather cheap possibility to furnish oneself with a wideband access exists there. Considering the present-day prices for equipment and services the technology of satellite-based access to the Internet is in the strongest demand on the market. To make such a wideband access to Internet attainable several satellite systems are employed at present.


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